EARN (Toronto) has ceased operations, as of Jan. 31, 2006

 For assistance in Canada with career transition, contact

CareerCompassFoundation.ca - 416-466-0009
Woodgreen Community Services -
      http://www.woodgreen.org/employment/index.html#ERC - 416-462-3110
JobStart - www.jobstart-cawl.org - 416-231-2295
PCPI - www.pcpi.ca - 416-439-1825
ACCES (Scarborough or Toronto) - www.accesstrain.org - 416-431-5326

USA Visitors Please Note:  www.earnworks.com
If you are seeking the website for the Employer Assistance and Recruiting Network (EARN)
in the USA, you can visit the site at: Earnworks.com
The Employer Assistance and Recruiting Network is in full operation and is not affiliated
in any way with the Canadian organization: Executive Advancement Resource Network.

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